Welcome To Steeler Report

February 4, 2022

Welcome to Steeler Report, the Border Fuel home for all things Pittsburgh Steelers. My name is Mark Ross and I am the Managing Editor of the website.

How do I put this simply? Here you will find everything Pittsburgh Steelers. Roster updates, trades, free agency, draft content, and game predictions and reviews are just the beginning for us as we begin this journey to become your one-stop-shop for everything Steelers.

Our Steeler Report Team Goal

Just like our mother site, Border Fuel, here at Steeler Report we aim to go beyond your regular sporting website and provide a platform for healthy debate as well as showing off how knowledgeable Steelers fans truly are. Pittsburgh has the best fans in the world so it’s only right that we provide the best content in the world and that is our goal.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t always sunshine and roses being a Steelers fan so we want to have a platform where fans and rivals can voice their concerns and highlight the areas that need and not just the good times. The ’70s were a long time ago after all.

Join The Team

Are you a fan of sports? Are you a Pittsburgh Steelers fan? Do you enjoy writing in general? Are you pondering the Quarterback situation without number seven? For whatever reason you want to get involved, we at Steeler Report will welcome you with open arms. They might just be slightly more open if you happen to be a fan of the black and gold. 

In a season of turnover in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of opportunities to provide content and this is where it begins. 


Welcome to Steeler Report and welcome to the Border Fuel Team.