Who Do Steelers Fans Want To Select In Round One?

April 4, 2022

With the 20th overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select [insert player]. The Steelers are eying up many athletes to be new members of the organization. Using the data from Pro Football Focus’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator, here is what the fans selected.

Malik Willis: 16.7% Drafted By The Fans

Malik Willis was drafted by the Steelers more than any other team on the website. Willis has the size and speed to be a successful quarterback. But there are still questions as to if he has the intangibles to succeed at the NFL level. Willis’s college schedule at Liberty was mostly filled with Group of Five or FCS teams. With many suitable quarterbacks in the 2022 draft, there’s truly no way to know who the right choice is until years come to pass. Willis seems to be the wildcard option that saw his draft stock boost up high after a strong performance at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. In 2021, Willis had many performance changes from game to game. Willis still had the raw talents to be effective during a bad game to his standards. But he would not have that luxury against speedy and strong linebackers of NFL teams.

Bernhard Raimann: 14.2%

Bernhard Raimann would solve a big piece in the offensive line. The Steelers have put a priority on targeting offensive linemen in free agency, but there are still gaps to be filled. The Steelers have a long history of selecting defensive or non-skill position players with their first selection. Raimann would be a conservative choice but could still pay off big dividends. Not only is Raimann an offensive lineman, but he played for Central Michigan in the MAC. He has not gotten much exposure in college football but that does not take away from his talents. Raimann didn’t allow pressure on the quarterback in his final six career games.

Kenny Pickett: 7.9%

Kenny Pickett already has Pittsburgh blood in his veins. He led the Pitt Panthers to an ACC Championship victory and became a Heisman finalist in the process. Still, Pickett had many mediocre seasons in the several years prior to 2021. The Steeler’s decision to not pursue Pitt QB Dan Marino in 1983 haunted the Steelers throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Just like Willis, Pickett was drafted by the Steelers more than any other team on the website. Pickett has the smallest hands out of every quarterback prospect but that is the least of his worries. Pickett has a strong and accurate arm that also comes with his ability to move around in the pockets.

The next potential draft candidates for the Steelers are Devonte Wyatt (7.2%), Trebor Penning (7.1%), and Jordan Davis (5.6%). Even with Willis being the most selected player by the Steelers on the website, Willis was far from being a clear favorite. There are still always multiple avenues that a team can go during the draft. It’s very common that mock draft predictions don’t quite come to full fruition when the draft begins. It’s imminent that Steeler fans will be happy, sad, or somewhere in between.