Opinions On The Steelers’ 2022 Schedule

May 15, 2022

The 2022 NFL schedule was released this past week, highlighting key primetime matchups that raise many questions.

I found an article on the Twitter account, Steelers Wire, called “Five Takeaways from the Steelers 2022 regular-season schedule,” by Curt Popejoy, that gives great insight on how this season will be very interesting (and hopefully WIN-derful) for the organization:

The first takeaway says that the farthest the Steelers have to travel is to Miami and Atlanta, but otherwise, traveling will be a “breeze.”

Secondly, the guys will be missing a lot of lunch dates this season because there are mostly 1 p.m. games aside from the five-night games.

Third, the Steelers’ division games begin during Week One. Yes, Week One. Then they will face the Browns, another divisional opponent, during Week Three. During the last two weeks (Week 17 and 18), the Steelers will face the Ravens and Browns.

In the past, I kept hearing the phrase “cakewalk” when it came to our regular season schedule. Considering we’ve had so many injuries and key players leave the franchise, I think Coach Tomlin and the Steeler organization have “held the fort down” very well. After all, he doesn’t have a losing season under his belt. Where do they do that? The Steelers will face the Jets and Falcons this season, and both teams have been diligently working on rebuilding.

Last but not least, Christmas will be a lot sweeter for the Steelers organization this year because the team will play the Raiders (at home) on Christmas Eve. This game is so special because it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. I wasn’t alive when this moment happened, and I still can’t get over it either!

So what does this mean for the guys? Well, another article in the Steelers Wire says that professional athletes love routine and consistency. During coaching, there is one thing I have learned that helps make an athlete very successful: creating and maintaining muscle memory and routine.

Whether it’s reading a favorite book or listening to hype music and dancing before games, players across the NFL have many pregame “rituals.” We can all agree that an athlete must be mentally prepared and present to perform their best. Psychologically speaking, once the mind gets used to patterns, it tends to repeat them… sometimes involuntarily.

I think we play better during 1 p.m. games. I don’t know what it is about that. I have seen plenty of times when we would play a tough opponent during that time, and we would dominate.

The primetime stage for the Steelers seems to be a barrier for them sometimes. As you can imagine, my blood pressure is higher during the weeks we have a night game.

This year, the Steelers will have to dig very deep with new quarterback leadership. On a positive note, we picked up a lot of great offensive “weapons,” and the matchups we have will be very interesting to watch.

Here’s to another season!