Should The Steelers Sign This 5x Pro Bowler?

June 7, 2022

He’s a powerful, game-changing player, but Ndamukong Suh, the veteran pro bowler has ruffled many feathers during his 12-year career. Some people have referred to him as a “bully” (because of his “mean” behavior on the field), and others think he is a great contributor defensively.

Fans took to Blitzburgh’s Twitter feed this past Friday and gave their takes on whether Pittsburgh should add him to the roster or not. One fan agreed that he should because he would be a great asset, but he is not a great fit to “be a Pittsburgh Steeler.” Us Steeler fans know what it means to represent the black and gold. Integrity, tenacity, and resilience. Here are two reasons why the veteran Ndamukong Suh could or could not help the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Replacing Stephon Tuitt

Although he is still fairly young, Tuitt just announced his retirement this week. The Steelers have been in “rebuilding mode” for the last few years, with tons of young, fresh talent on the depth chart. I’m going to miss Tuitt. I think he was a very talented, mature player. Diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fans that have been “in the family” since the 70s know how much defense means to the Steelers.

Our younger players like Tyson Alualu and Demarvin Leal are both projected to be very productive on defense. Suh earned All-American honors at Nebraska and was the second overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He later had a successful NFL career and recently had a Super Bowl to show for with the Bucs. Could the addition of this veteran “re-create” Steel Curtain vibes?

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I remember Suh’s aggressive behaviors when he played for the Detroit Lions. He has gotten tossed from games, fined, and scolded on social media, but he continues to play with a lot of aggression. Having him on defense with these unwanted gestures could cause the Steelers so many penalties. It is one thing to tackle and give a clean hit, but this guy has stomped on his opponents (on purpose) and showed no remorse.

One fan added, “Nah. He’s still a free agent for a reason.” “Time is on our side (in my best Rod Stewart voice) this year because the Steelers have a lot of 1 p.m. games. The Steelers usually perform their best during these scheduled games for some reason. That is an advantage for the Steelers, so they can’t bite the hand! Or another one will “bite the dust.” (I know, I’m on a roll.) 

Personal Opinion

No matter how great of a player he is, I think the Steelers do not need to add him. He doesn’t fit their culture. He would not bring the appropriate attention. Some fans say that Coach Tomlin is too lenient on players, and things could end up disastrous. In the past, some players tended to demonstrate “flaky” behaviors. We released LeGarrette Blount after he walked off the field in the middle of the game, and we parted ways with Antonio Brown after his media-hyped frenzies. Fans have complained that Tomlin is not good at putting his foot down when needed.

I think the Suh can, and I think he picks and chooses his battles. After all, he’s never had a losing season. You cannot argue with that! The Steelers normally do not spend a lot of money on acquiring certain players unless we have to. I don’t see them making this investment, because I’m sure Suh will inquire about a lot for a deal. I believe the Steelers are right where they need to be to get to “7th heaven (the 7th Super Bowl ring).”